Alima "The Fabric"
ALIMA is an NGO which holds the expertise and proposes answers adapted to the local or regional context.

I was invited to animate the floating fabric and the scenes where the character walks as a young kid, teenager and adult, integrated with the beautiful paintings by artist Lossapardo.

This poetic story tells us a reality that many African doctors have experienced, a drama that will push them to take things in hand and change the course of history.

Clients : Alima
Agency : Socialclub, Paris, France
Directors : Lossapardo / Léo Sattin
Executive director : Valentin Fertillet
Creative director : Léo Sattin & Maxime Daguet
Copywriter : Julien Sipra, Aurélien Liguori
Animation director : Timothée Bart
Fabric / Walkcycle animation : Daniel Bruson
Artist : Lossapardo
Music : Lossapardo
Sound design : Socialclub, Public Studio Amsterdam
Designers : Hugo Gallois, Pierre Hatier, Robin Blanc—beyne

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