Autism Goes To College
These are excerpts from Autism Goes To College, a feature documentary that follows the lives of five students on the spectrum as they come up against aspects of college life. 

Director Erik Linthorst invited me to be in charge of these animation sections that illustrate some of the student’s stories in the movie, and I assembled a small crew to help me transform these amazing individuals into animation characters. 

The animations were directed by me, produced by Analucia Godoi, animated by Thais Uzan, Fernando Finamore, Diego Souza, Bruno Mazzilli and myself, and the backgrounds were designed by Marcella Tamayo.

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Animation Credits

Directed by 
Erik Linthorst

Written by 
Jody Becker

Produced by
Erik Linthorst & Jody Becker

Executive Production
Jan Blancher

Brandon Roberts & Alex Bornstein

Randy Abrams

Animation Direction
Daniel Bruson

Animation Production
Analucia Godoi

Diego Souza
Fernando Finamore
Bruno Mazzilli
Thais Uzan
Daniel Bruson

Animation Backgrounds & Graphic Design
Marcella Tamayo

Character Design
Daniel Bruson

Thanks To
Talita Annunciato

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